by jackie wibowo | photos by Tyler McElhaney

The origin of Wag West, a pet care company using a smart phone app and GPS tracking for dog walking, was a long time in the making. “It stemmed from my lifelong passion for dogs, an entrepreneurial spirit, my quest to find a dog walker or pet sitter that I could completely trust, and a more recent desire to become technologically savvy,” said owner Adam Zucker. “I wanted to combine my love of animals and the skills I learned after years in the corporate world, with a job that would allow me to be happy, and keep in shape as I got older.”
Zucker never trusted anyone but himself with his dog, so he rarely traveled and even changed jobs to avoid having to leave town for work. When his neighbors noticed he was always around, Zucker began to get requests to watch their pets. Soon, referrals poured in. “I knew I had to make a decision. I could stay at my corporate job with a comfortable salary and benefits, or take a risk and become a ‘professional dog guy’. I thought my own small business of dog walking and pet care would be a perfect way to share my desires and skills.”
DSC07727After evaluating the industry, Zucker realized that although his strong business background gave him an advantage over competitors, it wasn’t quite enough. Zucker wanted to adopt Qualcomm’s TAGG, a GPS-based pet tracker for recovering lost pets, for use in traditional dog walking services, allowing clients to see exactly when and where their dogs were being walked, requiring full accountability on the part of the dog walker and providing 100% peace of mind for the owner. In the end, he chose to go with a different smart phone app, custom designed specifically for dog walkers. The system allows pet owners to see when their dogs are picked up and dropped off via email, and allows them to track the dog’s walk live in real time from any computer.
Wag West finally came into fruition on July 1, 2013. The company does all the traditional pet services, but differentiates itself through free GPS Dog Walk Tracking and online scheduling and billing. “In addition, I personally select all my dog walkers and pet sitters. They must be animal lovers and have experience with pets, but must also have a great work ethic, pass a background check, be service-oriented and reliable. Our staff will be the best in the industry.”
Wag West is unique because it has successfully integrated the latest technology with traditional pet services. Whether you have a dog or a cat, Zucker is confident in one thing: “We provide personalized care and love for each and every animal, 24/7.”


At A Glance

Name of Business:     Wag WestDSC07643
Owner:        Adam Zucker
Years in Position:    1
Established:    2012
Mailing Address:      122 15th Street #313,
Del Mar, CA 92104
Email contact:
Phone:         858-354-1716
Description:      North County Coastal professional dog walking, pet sitting and pet concierge, providing GPS Dog Walk Tracking.
Wag West professionals are fully licensed, bonded, insured, first aid certified and background checked.