A garage floor can take quite a beating on a daily basis, especially a standard concrete floor. Now more than ever, people are turning to epoxy and decorative concrete companies to not only increase the longevity of their floor, but create a beautiful, high-gloss presentation that impresses. Newcomer, VIP Garage Floors focuses on the balance of quality and price for homeowners all over San Diego. The business “took the floor” to tell us more about their meticulous attention to detail in custom concrete floor preparation and installation.

Tell us what makes VIP Garage Floors stand out in the flooring market.
VIP: We not only use the industry’s leading products, but we are also led by an individual who has spent five years working for the leading product manufacturer on research and technical development. As lead installation trainer, he teaches each contractor that even with the most exceptional products, the floor still needs to be prepared correctly. With this mentality, we can ensure each job is done right every time.

img_0819What new technology does VIP Garage Floors utilize to protect the lifetime of the floor?
VIP: Clients can choose between several types of Epoxy Base materials, flake colors and types of protective clear coats. When cared for properly, the floor can last the life of the home. The new flooring resists chemicals, oils and UV exposure, while hiding dirt and being easy to clean.

Briefly explain the process of creating
a new floor.
VIP: Every installation is unique and we customize to the requirements at hand on a case-by-case basis. Installation will typically take two days. We go through several steps to prepare the concrete surface depending on the condition that the surface is in.

Who would benefit from having their garage floor refinished by VIP Garage Floors?
VIP: Affordable pricing allows for everyone with a concrete surface to be a candidate for
a new look – and not just for garage floors.

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Name of Business:     VIP Garage Floors
Phone:         858-461-8477