by kelley gusich | photos by Soul of Photography

Solana Beach Native Torrey Mercer Performs and Inspires

When Torrey Mercer was nine years old, she auditioned for a play only because a friend needed her there for moral support. “I had never auditioned for a play before,” Torrey told us, “but the second I got on stage I realized it was where I belonged.” Since being approached at that time by the director with an offer of voice lessons, she continued to do over 30 musical theater productions. Numerous awards followed, with titles like ‘Best Inspirational Singer’, and several nominations and wins with the National Youth Theater. April 2013 brought an Indie Music Channel award for ‘Best Pop Song of the Year’ for her latest single “Looking Glass.”

t.f.-4299Plagued by bullies for thirteen years of her young life, Torrey knew firsthand what it felt like to be treated differently or to have people turn against or dislike you for no reason. She wanted to use her talents to help kids cope and disengage themselves from bullying situations. She was invited to take part in an anti-bullying tour, in which she explored the United States from coast to coast, talking to kids in Boys and Girls Clubs and theme parks. The experience was so amazing; Torrey was inspired to implement anti-bullying philosophies into every aspect of her life.

She’s opened up about her own experiences being bullied by writing songs, using her website and charity work to help people understand why bullies act the way they do and how to prevent it. Torrey knows it’s about understanding why it happens in the first place. “I really just love kids a lot, and don’t want to see any of them feel like they don’t belong,” Torrey affirmed. “I think the most rewarding thing is the feeling I get inside at the end of the day.”t.f.-4268

Although her schedule is very demanding, Torrey does find time to spend at Del Mar and Solana Beach beaches, and she and her father enjoy hiking the Torrey Pines State Reserve. She sees her future self helping as many people as possible while working on new music. “If I have both of those things,” she explained, “no matter if I’m the next Lady Gaga or performing at a local coffeehouse, I’ll be happy.” Torrey wants to sing to send a message to her audience, to be there for her fans and ultimately, make a difference. After everything, she knows that is her calling.

At A Glance

Name:  Torrey Nicole Marilyn Mercer
Age:  20
Community:  Solana Beach
Education:  University of California at Irvine, Double major in English and Drama
Occupation:  Entertainment at SeaWorld San Diego, tour guide with Ghostly Tours in History, working on a career as a professional singer/musician
Family:  Father – Scott Mercer, Mother – Beth Engman-Mercer, Brother – Mason Mercer (15)