Tutor Doctor – Making America Smarter & More Confident, One Student at a Time

“My son (9th grader at TPHS) came home from school today so happy. He was asked to demonstrate a difficult Algebra 2 problem on the whiteboard in front of the class. He would have been nervous in the past but he completed the problem without hesitation and felt so proud afterward! His hard work preparing for the course with his tutor really paid off.”

This is one of many positive testimonials Tutor Doctor owners Chris and Tiffany Lien receive weekly. “Helping students learn is our passion,” stated Tiffany. “Education today is growing more difficult and competitive at all levels. Continued budget 221x300x2012_Sage_Cyn_Fall_Festival_Family_Photo-221x300.jpg.pagespeed.ic.wfU4f1JpFbcuts in schools, more students per classroom, and the increased rigor of Common Core Standards can cause students to experience a ‘perfect storm’ of stress and anxiety. Even high-performing students can require an ‘academic coach’ at times to be successful.”

A student’s need for quality one-to-one educational coaching is why Chris and Tiffany Lien started Tutor Doctor San Diego two years ago. Established in 1999 and now in 14 countries, Tutor Doctor is one of the fastest growing tutoring companies in North America as people experience the Tutor Doctor Advantage. “Tutor Doctor has a very high re-enrollment rate – about five times the industry average,” said owner Chris Lien. “We excel in academic coaching for all grade levels plus preparation for SAT/ACT and college entrance essays.”

300x224x2013_July_4_Parade_-_Cube_LHS-300x224.jpg.pagespeed.ic.O3pcLUXE5b“We remove a family’s risk and enhance their tutoring experience through our ‘Magical Match’ process,” explained Tiffany. “Tutor Doctor consults with each family in their home to gain a thorough understanding of a student’s needs. Besides subject matter expertise, several additional factors are crucial to match the right tutor. Personality, teaching style, and similar interests are also vital. We try to get it right every time, but in the rare case we don’t, we will rematch the tutor. Reports are e-mailed to parents after each session to communicate the student’s progress. Feedback and accountability are essential for learning success.”

Although Tutor Doctor serves students throughout San Diego County, the heart of where they serve is 92130. Chris explained, “For years I’ve volunteered in nearby schools, driving up in my Tutor Doctor wrapped vehicle and students will say, ‘Hey look, there’s the Tutor Doctor.’ Interacting with the community and seeing our students at school makes my job highly rewarding.”

At A Glance

Name of Business: Tutor Doctor of San Diego County
Owners: Chris and Tiffany Lien
Years in Position: 2 Years
Year of Establishment: 1999
Address: 4653 Carmel Mountain Road, Suite 308-81, San Diego, CA 92130
Website: www.tutor-sandiego.com | www.tutordoctornorthcounty.com
Email: clien@tutordoctor.com | tlien@tutordoctor.com
Phone: 858-792-TUTR (8887)
Description of Business: Tutor Doctor expertly provides personalized, one-to-one tutoring and academic coaching for students of all ages, from school subjects and enrichment to SAT/ACT preparation.