While most 13 year olds have their hands full with cell phones and game controllers, Christopher Ong can be found keeping himself busy with math problems, music, and martial arts. The 8th grader from Solana Beach is a star student, musician, and athlete.

Christopher excels across content areas at the Pacific Ridge School in Carlsbad, participating in the state wide Math Counts competition, Science Olympiads, Music Memory and spelling bees. But he admits to being partial to math. Christopher began Kumon Math when he was in 4th grade, and, today, has completed the curriculum at college level calculus. “My favorite subject is math because it is abstract and fascinating,” explained Christopher.
Academics, though, are not Christopher’s sole focus. He also runs on the school’s cross country team and practices Taekwondo at the American Family Martial Arts in Solana Beach. He has set the goal to reach his black belt within the next year. Christopher acknowledged the connection between his athletic and academic endeavors, “Martial arts makes me stronger both physically and mentally.”

This talented young man can also be found on the stage: Christopher enjoys acting, singing, and playing music. The well rounded performer sings with his church choir, acts in the school musicals, and plays both the piano and violin. Christopher appreciates the discipline and hard work of music, noting the American Grammy Award winning violinist, Joshua Bell, as his inspiration. “Joshua Bell was an avid computer game player but he was able to focus on his violin playing in addition to his other hobbies,” Christopher said.

“Martial arts makes me stronger both physically and mentally.”

Christopher enjoys living in Solana Beach with his parents, Ken and Lin, and younger sister, Megan, 11. His older sister, Pauline, works as an artist in Los Angeles. The proximity to his after school activities, Kumon, martial arts, and voice lessons is a priority in Christopher’s busy schedule. When he manages to find time to relax, Christopher enjoys going out to eat at his favorite restaurants, Habit Burger and Lockwood Table.

As Christopher enters his teenage years, he has set his standards high for life beyond school and sports. “As an adult, I want to be an engineer or a scientist. In my free time, I want to donate to organizations which help the environment,” he stated. Christopher’s work ethic, academic achievements, and hobbies all point to a bright future.

At a Glance

Name: Christopher Ong

Age: 13

School: Pacific Ridge School

Grade: 8th

Parents: Ken Ong and Lin Shaw

Siblings: Pauline Shaw (25), Megan Ong (11)