Kathy and Brett Casey’s story started twenty-plus years ago when they met at their high school prom in their home town of Chicago. “We went to prom with different dates and met that night and started dating right after,” said Kathy. The two weathered a long distance relationship as they attended separate colleges but ultimately reconnected. “It’s been since 1990 that we have been together!” exclaimed Kathy. After a job opportunity was offered to Brett, the couple relocated to the west coast and bid “farewell” to Chicago’s cold weather. The Caseys settled on sunny San Diego as the place to raise their kids, and quickly realized that they had found more than just good weather on the west coast, they had found a community to call home.

Today, Brett works in the biotech industry, and Kathy is a full-time stay at home mom to their three children. The couple, who were once scraping windows in the Chicago winters, now spend their time surfing, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors. “We love to go to the beach,” stated Kathy. “We enjoy being outdoors and walking places – hikes in the lagoon, walks to local farmers markets.”

“We enjoy the beach community and feel of a small neighborhood”

Their children, Madeline (9), Owen (6), and Sawyer (3), are equally active. “My daughter loves soccer, gymnastics, and piano,” Kathy shared. “She is also part of Girls on the Run program. Owen is into soccer, skateboard, biking, and has recently learned to surf and started guitar lessons,” she added. “Sawyer is following in his big brother’s footsteps and likes to play soccer and skateboard.”

With most of their extended family living in Chicago, the Caseys go back for a visit every summer. They are in San Diego to stay, and with only Kathy’s sister living nearby, the family feels lucky to have found a strong support system in their community. “Being involved in community events give us a sense of how being a part of a community is so important for our children especially when we don’t have extended family close by,” said Kathy. “We love to support local businesses- many of which are owned by friends of ours… We enjoy the beach community and the feel of a small neighborhood. We can’t imagine living anywhere else!”


Parents: Kathy and Brett Casey
Community: Solana Beach since 2006
Hometown: Naperville, IL
Occupation: General manager in biotech industry and mom
Children: Madeline (9; 4th grade), Owen (6; 1st grade), and Sawyer (3; preschool)