Therapeutic Literacy Center Teaches the Underlying Skills Needed For Academic Learning

At Therapeutic Literacy Center (TLC), the focus is on getting to the source of the problem when a child is struggling academically. “Sometimes smart kids have trouble learning in school. When parents don’t know why their child isn’t reaching their potential, is spending too much time on homework or isn’t motivated to learn, they come to us. It’s natural for a child to want to learn, so if they are having trouble paying attention or appear unmotivated, we find the underlying reason and fix it,” explained Maria Bagby, Reading Specialist, Educational Therapist and owner of Therapeutic Literacy Center. She and her highly qualified and experienced staff help students of all ages with either diagnosed or non-diagnosed dyslexia, ADHD, auditory processing deficits and those who struggle with reading, writing, spelling and math through developing their underlying processing skills including processing speed, working memory and the many aspects of auditory and visual processing. According to Bagby, 20-30% of the student population has difficulty with auditory processing without knowing it and 20-25% are somewhere on a continuum of dyslexia. These issues can deeply affect reading and all academic areas causing a student to struggle in the classroom.

[pullquote align=”left”]We focus on strengthening the underlying learning skills that are necessary for success in school and in life.”
~Maria Bagby, Owner
Literacy Center[/pullquote]Bagby has years of experience in the educational system, both as a classroom teacher and administrator. She holds advanced degrees in early childhood psychology, reading and curriculum and assessment. Her approach to helping students is unique and is more than tutoring—the goal is to change the way students learn. “People are used to thinking that they have to compensate for their weaknesses or accommodate for them. We focus on strengthening the underlying learning skills that are necessary for success in school and in life. We see changes in our students daily. We watch them become independent and confident learners,” related Bagby.

The staff at Therapeutic Literacy Center is dedicated to making each child’s experience a positive one. “The atmosphere here is warm and welcoming. We have a commitment to collaboration among each other and with the families. At the TLC, there are never only two eyes on each student weekly because of the amount of collaboration amongst our team in observing and dialoguing about each student and their progress,” revealed Bagby. She and her staff strive to make Therapeutic Learning Center a safe haven for students that is both fun and life-changing. As stated by Bagby, students will feel a change in their learning skills in the first two weeks in the program. And as the students become more confident and independent learners, the whole family feels the positive change as well.

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At A Glance

Name of Business: Therapeutic Literacy Center, LLC

Owner: Maria Bagby, Reading Specialist, Educational Therapist

Years in Field: 25 years

Year of Establishment:  2008 (Colorado), 2013 move to California (Solana Beach)

Address: 990 Highland Dr. Suite 106-D, Solana Beach, CA  92075


Email Contact:

Phone: 858-481-2200

Description of Business: We specialize in providing therapeutic instruction in reading, writing, spelling and math and helping students with learning and attention challenges become successful and confident learners.