Local Lash Boutique Gives Women in Need the Luxury of Eyelash Extensions Through Their Lashes With Love Program

Blink Lash Boutique is not your ordinary eyelash extension salon.  With three locations in Mission Valley, Solana Beach and Little Italy, they are the largest business of its kind in San Diego, but founder and co-owner Janelle Koch would like to think they are the most understanding of women’s needs and the true reasons why eyelash extensions make such a difference to their clients.  “We know that having long wonderful lashes makes any woman feel that much more confident,” Koch says, “which is why we thought of the Lashes With Love program.  We wanted to give women who might not have the ability to take the time for themselves the opportunity to feel and look their very best.”

Lashes With Love was designed to give women such as Annettia Macken, a set of eyelash extensions as a thank you for giving so much to others, as well as working through a difficult disease like multiple sclerosis (MS).  Her mother, Valerie, sent a nomination to Blink Eyelash Boutique after hearing about the Lashes With Love program.

“As small as this seems, it can make a huge difference in the life of someone like Annetia,”  says her mother, “She has spent years caring for others, and then to top it off she was diagnosed with MS which leaves her hands shaky…a big deal for a woman trying to put on mascara.  This gift will, at last, be something for herself, and the instant beauty and positive feelings she sees will bring so much joy.”

Blink Lash Boutique says that they will continue the program as long as they keep receiving nominations.  Interested parties can simply send an email to lasheswithlove@blinklashboutique.com with information about the woman they would like to nominate to receive the free eyelash extensions and why.

About Blink Lash Boutique:

Blink Lash Boutique is San Diego’s premier eyelash extension salon. Eyelash extensions are individual, false eyelashes attached to each natural lash one at a time, so the result is completely natural looking and flawless. Blink has been specializing in the fine skill and art of eyelash extensions since 2008.  Locations are in Solana Beach, Mission Valley, and Little Italy.