Students are speaking two new languages at Horizon Prep this year:  Code and Mandarin! “We are intentional about our language offerings here at Horizon Prep,” says Horizon Prep Elementary Vice Principal Brent Hodges, “Spanish is our primary foreign language; Latin is integral to the grammar component of Classical Education. Now Mandarin is allowing us to expose our students to a contemporary, global language that will likely impact their future.”

Mr. Hodges says when he is asked, “Why Mandarin?”  The answer is simple:  Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world.  Our economy is becoming increasingly global and before the child’s brain is completely developed they are much more able to pick up basic foreign language skills. Not only are students being introduced to  Mandarin in the classroom, but they have the option of joining the Mandarin Club as well. “Mrs. Anne Li is our Mandarin Teacher,” says Mr. Hodges, “Mandarin Club filled up very quickly and is a study in culture as well as language.”

Schools across the board teach languages, but there is one language that most schools do not address:  the language of computers. Code is the language used to write instructions for computer functions, websites, software, video games and so much more.  “We are thrilled to have offerings in Code from 2nd grade through 8th grade,” says Horizon Prep Secondary Vice Principal Dr. Jeffery Pratt, “Code integrates perfectly into our STEM-focused curriculum classes.” Horizon Prep 2nd – 5th Graders also have the option of joining Code Club, taught by the Horizon Prep Technology Teacher, Mrs. Karen Sparks. “Middle School students can dive into our Code Elective, taught by our Physics/Geometry teacher, Dr. Jorge Burgos-Muñoz,” says Dr. Pratt, “once these students crack the code, with God as their guide, the sky is the limit for their future!”

 Horizon Prep is a Christ-centered, classical school, serving nearly 500 students Preschool – 9th grade (adding a grade per year through 12th grade).  Horizon Prep is in the Top Tier Nationwide on standardized test scores and is fully accredited with WASC and ACSI.   More info:



Pictured: Jorge Muñoz-Burgos, Ph.D. instructs the Middle School Code Elective at Horizon Prep.  Horizon Prep also has Code Club for 2nd – 5th Graders.