by KELLY GUSICH | photos by Soul of Photography

Kim’s Kaleidoscope

Kim Duggan wasn’t looking to find the many organizations where she currently devotes her time; she just stumbled upon them. And how grateful they are! Since moving from Chicago eleven years ago, Kim has been working with Hospice by the Sea, the Helen Woodward Animal Center, and the San Dieguito Boys and Girls Club. She also volunteers as vice president of the Solana Beach Chamber of Commerce to make sure Solana Beach is economically healthy. “We are proud of our businesses,” Kim shared, “and it is so rewarding to be involved with efforts that support the community’s prosperity.”

Mahatma Ghandi was quoted as saying, “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” This quote reflects Kim’s passion for animals, and is a reason she volunteers for Helen Woodward. Her two dogs are rescue adoptions from the Center. “The Center is unique in that they take in all different types of animals, from exotics to horses,” she explained. “They also rescue animals from natural disasters and provide therapeutic riding.” Kim is currently helping prepare for the Puppy Love 5K which raises critical dollars for the orphaned animals in their care.

In addition to animal care, Kim’s work spans to humans as well. She volunteers at Hospice by the Sea, where she works with families with terminally ill family members to provide hospice care and emotional support. She also worked with the San Dieguito Boys and Girls Club, assisting in wrapping donated gifts for the holidays.

Some interesting tidbits about Kim include that she has lived all over the country, and taken improv classes at Second City in Chicago. She has a colorful prism of experiences, but a kaleidoscope of giving best describes the life of Kim Duggan. “My biggest accomplishment is making a positive impact on the world regardless of the scale,” she told us. “I used to become overwhelmed thinking of all the injustices in the world. I wondered how I could change everything, so I did nothing. The truth is that everyone can do one small thing and still make a difference.”

At A Glance

Name: Kimberly Duggan
Community: Del Mar
Volunteer Affiliations: Helen Woodward Animal Center,
Solana Beach Hospice by the Sea,
San Dieguito Boys and Girls Club,
Solana Beach Chamber of Commerce 
Property Management
Profession: Hiking, yoga, cooking, comedy
Favorite Local Spots: Davanti Enoteca, Cinepolis, En Fuego/ La Tienda, Americana Restaurant, Claire’s on Cedros, The Belly Up, Bangkok Bay, Fletcher Cove,
Torrey Pines State Reserve