Project Raw founders, John McGuire, Cole Liniak and Brian McGuire announced the $1 Million Idea to save food and assist the food insecure at their inaugural launch party at the Belly Up in Solana Beach on Feb. 12. The event featured live music by Terraplane Sun and Sister Juanita, a silent auction, a Blendertec blender raffle give away, and a special keynote with Dr. John McGuire; all in the spirit of raising awareness on hunger and food waste issues. All of the proceeds went to support their efforts to eliminate unnecessary food waste and feed the food insecure.

Project Raw currently serves over 250 green smoothies a day via homeless shelters and half-way homes in North County San Diego. If Project Raw meets its goal of eleven shelters by 2015, they will have saved over $1 million in food waste by their second birthday. The goal of the $1 Million Idea was to show how Project Raw can get this campaign into every major city across America. If they’re able to infiltrate one-third of the shelters they estimate over $100 million of food will be rescued.