Academics and World Missions

The first time Glen Gordon served on a church mission to Ethiopia, he met a single mother who was HIV positive. “Every day she would get up at dawn and work until dusk creating dresses to sell at the market so that she could put her 10-year-old daughter through school, pay rent, buy her medications, and eat,” shared Glen. Her goal was to see her daughter receive a higher education.

Glen Gordon is a junior at Canyon Crest Academy in Carmel Valley. He is shaped by what he’s learning abroad and in class. His favorite subjects are history, geography and world politics. “Learning about the past gives me an infinite archive of insight on why things are what they are today and how they might be tomorrow,” revealed Glen.

He is one of four who represents the academy’s Academic WorldQuest team, a global affairs and U.S. foreign policy-based knowledge competition. The team competed in the national competition in Washington D.C. in April. As a delegate to American Legion California Boys’ State, he’ll attend the Sacramento convention this summer, where 1,000 rising high school seniors will have the chance to create their own governments. Last year, Glen was selected to help organize sponsors and speakers for the 2013 TEDxYouth@SanDiego conference.

“Learning about the past gives me an infinite archive of insight on why things are what they are today and how they might be tomorrow.

A member of Solana Beach Presbyterian Church, he serves by tutoring Hispanic students in English and math. In church missions he has taught English in the Afar desert of Ethiopia, served as a camp counselor in Hungary and Southern Mexico, and volunteered at a nursing home and orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico. A personal hero to Glen is the work of Dr. Paul Farmer, founder of Partners in Health, a nonprofit organization that delivers the benefits of modern medical science to those most in need.

The Gordon family has lived in Solana Beach for sixteen years. “I love it here because of the small town feel and the forward-thinking and progressive nature of people who live here,” added Glen. He plans in college to major in International Affairs and aspires to work for the UN. He is grateful for the opportunities he has. “As a student myself, I was inspired by how dedicated the Ethiopian mother was to her daughter’s education and the girl’s firm belief that she had limitless potential as an individual,” said Glen. With these experiences, Glen Gordon is building a bright future in world affairs.


Name: Glen Paul Gordon (16)
School: Canyon Crest Academy
Grade: 11
Parents: Karen and Darrell Gordon
Siblings: Anna Gordon (24) and Cory Gordon (22)
Favorite Place in Solana Beach: Hideaway Café by Fletcher Cove. It’s everything that’s great about our community’s culture wrapped up in one restaurant.