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Musical Family Supports Local Schools and Charitable Events

Not surprisingly, James and Keri Couzens met while they both attended the University of Arizona where James earned his Bachelor of Arts degree and Keri earned her Bachelor of Science degree. What is surprising is how they met. As part of The Mockingbirds, a local band, James played in a college bar weekly. He reminisced, “I asked a bouncer to pick up Keri and put her on stage. When she stood on the stage like a deer in headlights, I knew she was the one. We have been inseparable since then.”

Always wanting to live by a beach, the Couzens decided to leave Arizona. They explained, “The charm of Solana Beach won us over.” They are pleased with their choice and have enjoyed the beach, weather, amazing schools and close-knit community for the last ten years.

The Couzens explained, “The charm of Solana Beach won us over.”

Their jobs keep the Couzens busy. Keri is a personal lines account manager for IOA Insurance, and James owns The Rockademy, a music studio that provides music education that’s relevant to students’ interests. As a professional musician with over fifteen years of experience playing for bands like The Cured, Xceptional Music Company, Metal Snake, The Metro Band and Pop Rx, James is uniquely qualified to provide individual lessons and band mentoring. Through Rockademy, he has also been able support local school fund raising events and numerous charitable events within the county.

James has been lucky in other ways too. Despite being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in December of 2006, he’s been able to live a full life through the use of medication and has had few complications.
Like all parents, the Couzens love and admire their two talented children. Tealy, an artistic kindergartener at Solana Vista, creates beautiful drawings and stories. Their 2-year-old son, Taylor, takes after his dad and plays the guitar, loving to drum along to his favorite songs.

As a family, the Couzens enjoy walking on the beach, collecting seashells and exploring tide pools. Two favorite locations include Fletcher’s Cove and Pill Box. They also enjoy watching James and The Rockademy bands play.


Parents: James and Keri Couzens
Children: Mathile “Tealy” Couzens (5 ½, kindergarten student at Solana Vista); Taylor Couzens (2)
Community: Eden Gardens in Solana Beach since 2004
Parent’s Hometowns: James – Lafayette, LA; Keri – Bullhead City, AZ
Parent’s Occupations: James – Owner of the Rockademy and professional musician;
Keri – Account Manager at IOA Insurance Services