by KELLY GUSICH | photos by Soul of Photography

Unquestionably Urquhart

It is often said that there’s no such thing as a California native, that everyone here is originally from somewhere else. Not so for Mark and Jodie (and now Claire, Liam, and Brynn) Urquhart. They are fourth (and now fifth) generation San Diegans! Mark’s grandfather, Bob Kerrigan, was a player on the 1954 (then minor league) San Diego Padres team. If you look at the picture in the Western Metal Supply building at Petco Park, you’ll see Bob being carried off the field on the shoulders of the team after winning the Championship game.

Mark and Jodie were high school sweethearts who attended “Uni”, which is now Cathedral Catholic High School. Mark “very shyly” invited Jodie to the junior prom and the rest is history. The Urquharts have spent the last ten years in Carmel Valley and Solana Beach. “We love living in Solana Beach!” Jodie enthused. “It is the best place on earth. We are lucky enough to live, work, and send our kids to the fabulous schools in Solana Beach.”


A two year detour in San Francisco led the Urquharts to an affection for Napoletano pizza. Mark trained and honed his skills at Tony’s Napoletano so he could return to Solana Beach where he and Jodie opened Real Bar & Bistro in 2013. The small town feel and non-chain oriented culture there was perfect for this business. “We felt it was an ideal place to open a contemporary, independently owned pizza bistro,” Jodie explained. They see Real Bar & Bistro as a vehicle to give back to their community in a variety of ways, from fostering young minds through fundraisers for Solana Vista, Skyline, and Earl Warren at Real, and by bringing their mobile pizza truck to Cathedral Catholic football games to give a percentage of their sales to the school.

The older Urquhart children have started learning chores to become contributing society members. They are growing an herb garden in the backyard, and their harvest of basil, rosemary, thyme, and parsley is used both at home and at the Real Bar & Bistro. Whether it’s Claire asking to visit Claire’s Solana Beach (because her name is Claire), Liam playing with his fire trucks and emergency vehicles, Jodie and Brynn enjoying Stroller Strides in Carmel Valley, or the whole family enjoying their favorite park (Solana Vista), the Urquharts are undeniably, unquestionably loving their lives in Solana Beach.




Parents: Mark and Jodie Urquhart
Children: Claire (5, Kindergarten at Skyline Elementary Global Education),
Liam (3, Solana Beach Community Preschool), Brynn (born Sept. 8, 2014)
Community: Solana Beach
Parents’ Hometowns: Born and raised San Diegans
Parents’ Occupations: Owners of Real Bar & Bistro
Favorite Local Spots: Fletcher Cove, North Coast Repertory Theatre, Cathedral football games and, of course, Real Bar & Bistro!

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