Happy Valentine’s Day Del Sol

Cliff and Jan Kinney

Cliff and Jan Kinney, residents of Del Mar, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in 2016. The two met at SDSU in 1964 and were married two years later. Cliff played football in college and was drafted to the Oakland Raiders before pursuing a long and successful coaching career, and Jan worked as a teacher and later for Jazzercise, Inc.

Both Cliff and Jan cite “a shared value system surrounded by longtime close friends, a beautiful family and extended family, and many of the same interests/activities” as important ingredients to a successful marriage. They look forward to celebrating their upcoming anniversary and enjoying their time with “their children, their children’s fabulous spouses, and incredible grandsons.”

valentines_james_triciaDr. James and Tricia Hay

Del Mar residents Dr. Jim Hay, Founding President of the San Diego County Medical Society Foundation (SDCMSF), and Tricia Hay, have been married for 32 years strong, and their relationship only continues to blossom. They met at Camp Pendleton in 1977. “Tricia was new working in the lab, and I was in my last year as a physician there,” shared Jim. The two literally bumped into each other, and the rest, as they say, is history.

As for their secret to success, both agreed on respect. “Jim has been a tremendous friend to me, and he is so well liked by others. He really listens to me, too,” Tricia gushed. “Tricia is cute, cute, cute,” laughed Jim. “She makes everyone laugh, is great to be with, and sings like an angel.” As for the future, Tricia looks forward to celebrating Jim’s accomplishments with SDCMSF on Feb. 7 at Celebration 10, where he will be recognized for his service.