Green Thumbs Up at Del Mar Heights

The Del Mar Heights Community Garden was transformed into an open and interactive space for teachers and students alike thanks to parents, volunteers, and the Del Mar Heights PTA. The inspiration to make the space more usable came from the Del Mar Heights parent volunteers who dreamed of a garden that could also serve as an outdoor classroom that would foster learning, interaction, and fun.

Once the idea took root the volunteers went to work. They received support from the Del Mar Heights PTA, as well as many other local architects, engineers, master gardeners, and composters, to renovate the space. Amy Chelesnik, Vice President of Education on the Del Mar Heights PTA, explained how much work went into the project. “We removed fences, cut back or took out overgrown plants, put in new planters, built a greenhouse, changed the irrigation system, added tables, constructed potting stations, and brought in planter barrels,” she shared. “By doing all of this the space has opened up a new world for the children.”


Now teachers can take advantage of the garden and incorporate outdoor activities into their lessons. They even have access to a lecture space complete with rows of benches for students to sit on. As the garden has grown new extracurricular programs have developed as well. The Del Mar PTA is pleased to offer Garden Club and Inside the Classroom, two clubs that encourage hands-on learning. For information on upcoming events at the renovated garden visit