Local Rotary Club Brings Hope to Students

The Del Mar-Solana Beach Rotary Club recently donated $2,000 to Hope Without Boundaries, an organization that helps the poor, sick, and elderly become self-sufficient, to provide assistance to children residing in Canon de las Carretas so that they can attend public school. In order for students to enroll in school they must purchase a school uniform, mandatory gym clothes, and school supplies, costs that many parents cannot afford. Hope Without Boundaries encourages these children to attend school, providing the funding for uniforms and other costs. The organization also ensures that the children feel encouraged and supported in school as well.

Hope Without Boundaries volunteers travel from the Solana Beach area down to Carretas on the second Saturday of each month to provide breakfast, crafts, games, and occasional facilities improvements to the area. Often they are joined by Del Mar-Solana Beach Rotary volunteers and Interact Club students from Canyon Crest Academy. Lesley Sagar, President of Hope Without Boundaries, noted that the CCA students truly inspire the children that they work and play with. She shared, “The children are very excited when they see the CCA students.” For more information about Hope Without Boundaries head to www.hopewithoutboundaries.com. To stay updated on the Rotary Club’s activities visit www.dmsbrotary.com.