by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photos by Soul of Photography

Dancing From the Heart

Del Mar resident Jolie Hoyle is the oldest in her family of five girls. “My parents had four of us in five years!” exclaimed Jolie. And although she has to “share the spotlight” with her sisters Jolie certainly takes center stage when it comes to dancing – an activity to which she has been dedicated for the past six years.

But before she got bit by the dancing bug, Jolie was a competitive gymnast. “I love gymnastics and continued doing it when we moved to California from Florida,” recalled Jolie. Unfortunately, Jolie had to discontinue the sport after being diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. “When I stopped doing gymnastics I wanted to stay active so I tried dance and I loved it!” exclaimed Jolie.


Today Jolie dances jazz, lyrical, contemporary, breaking, hip-hop, tap, pointe, ballroom, and Royal Academy Dance ballet. She recently received first place for her dance duo and was one of eight finalists for the Teen Dancer of the Year for the Starquest Competition. She also won Teen Dancer of the Year for her lyrical solo in the Rainbow Competition. “Winning Dancer of the Year was amazing,” shared Jolie. “I was completely shocked when they called my name. I was happy and numb at the same time. I was also proud that all my hard work had paid off with the acknowledgment.”

“When I stopped doing gymnastics I wanted to stay active so I tried dance and I loved it!”

While Jolie is immensely passionate about dance, her school studies are even more important. “School is number one for me,” said Jolie, a seventh grader at Earl Warren Middle School. “I always try my hardest in all subjects.” Jolie has been a consistent straight-A student and recently won the Noah Severns Courage and Bravery Award, which recognizes students who have overcome great obstacles in their lives while still achieving academic success. Currently her favorite subject is humanities. “It integrates English and history and I really like the charitable aspect of our assignments,” stated Jolie.
On that note, Jolie is also involved with the San Dieguito Chapter of National Charity League. “Philanthropy is very important to my family. My mom wanted to share special time with my sisters and me while helping people in our community,” explained Jolie.

As for her future goals, Jolie hopes to attend a college like NYU, Yale, or Julliard, while also staying involved with dance. “Only one in 10,000 people get to enjoy a career in dance,” stated Jolie. “I’m hoping I will be the one in that group that makes it professionally.”

Name: Jolie Ana Hoyle (13)
School: Earl Warren Middle School
Grade: 7
Parents: Randy and Sandra Hoyle
Siblings: Catherine (11), Emerson (9), Livvi Belle (8), Theodora (2)
Favorite Local Spots: Torrey Pines Beach, Market restaurant, Whole Foods, Old Del Mar, and Del Mar Pizza