by AMY LEHRER | photos by Soul of Photography

Promoting Senior Independence

People tend to be drawn to what supports their inner nature. For Nate McCay, connecting with other human beings defines him. This connectedness begins with his family and permeates the rest of his life. He shared, “Each day I converse and laugh with my wife Jacqueline Bridge and think about my 24-year-old daughter Lauren who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.”

As a resident of Del Mar for the past 18 years, he has also appreciated how various community members help Del Mar function. For instance, some participate on the Design and Review Board to help enforce building restrictions that preserve home quality. Others support the Del Mar Housing Corporation to help the city comply with state housing requirements. And still others, like Nate, volunteer their time in countless ways.

Nate McCay currently volunteers for Del Mar Community Connections (DMCC). Over the past 15 years, this organization has promoted the independence and well-being of seniors by providing transportation and educational and social programs. Many years ago Nate began supporting this program as a bus host on the twice-weekly grocery run. Other drivers took seniors to the movies or other outings like the ones to the Community Center that involved a short program and lunch. For the past three-and-a-half years, Nate has served as President of the Board of Directors. He divulged, “At the core we are just an organized group of volunteers that connect directly with members of the community.”


DMCC welcomes volunteers and community supporters who wish to touch others’ lives. The annual gala that raises a substantial portion of the annual budget will be held at the Del Mar Powerhouse on Oct. 17. Nate McCay’s one wish for DMCC is longevity, especially since he intends to use it himself someday.

When on his own, not surprisingly, Nate McCay chooses to go to places where people connect. Some of his favorites include the first Thursday cocktail hour preceding the concerts hosted by the Del Mar Foundation, the summer concerts, the Del Mar Village Association Dinners, the Friday morning Del Mar Toastmaster events at St. Peters, the Del Mar Community Connections Board Meetings, and coffee shops.

Nate McCay highlights the value of volunteering. He explained, “Every giver can be a receiver, and every receiver can be a giver. It’s safe to say all who connect with others benefit from those relationships.”

Name: Nathan McCay
Community: Del Mar
Volunteer Affiliation: Del Mar Community Connections
Occupation: Retired Lawyer
Family: Wife – Jacqueline Bridge; Daughter – Lauren McCay
Hobbies: On any given day I might be making beer, playing bridge, studying coins, analyzing startups through Tech Coast Angels, attending Del Mar Toastmasters, bowling at Kearny Mesa, riding a bicycle, or engaging in other fruitless pursuits of questionable competency. But each day I am likely to be walking the dog, working a crossword puzzle, and reading the NYT.

Group: Del Mar Community Connections
Mission: • To enhance community life in Del Mar by offering programs and services that promote the independence and well-being of seniors and residents with special needs.
• To facilitate door-to-door transportation for medical appointments, pharmacy, shopping, and related services.
• To provide stimulating programs that address current events and health, financial, and legal issues.
• To sponsor social events which bring seniors together and are of community interest.
Phone: 858-792-7565