Two Ways Homeowners Can Help Save the Environment

Right now there are two items that come up in conversation on a regular basis: what are your thoughts on solar panels and how do we make our landscaping look nice with the shortage of water?

Residential solar installations are up by 50% nationwide since 2012 according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. Our suggestion is to do your research upfront. Should you lease or buy the solar panels? This information will be very important if you decide to sell your home. The new buyer will want to know if they need to qualify to take over the current lease. What is involved with a lease transfer to a new buyer? Is there a buyout option that will need to be considered prior to selling your home? Plus many more questions. We always suggest that you do your research, ask a ton of questions, and make an educated decision.

Ninety-three percent of the state of California is under a severe drought according to weekly reports from many government agencies. How can we help as homeowners? Less watering is the only answer. That is why we suggest to homeowners to research drought-resistant plants. The selection of plants available will blow your mind. Not the dry, bland desert look you immediately think of. The greenery and bright colors will make your yard look beautiful and also save water at the same time. Everyone wins!

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