The Del Mar BodySurfing Club (DMBC) has established an international exchange program, giving young bodysurfers from other countries the opportunity to visit Del Mar and compete in several bodysurfing contests. Australian bodysurfer Tom Marr will be the first international bodysurfer hosted this summer. Alice Latuf, a 15-year-old from Brazil, will also join the program in August. Tom and Alice will compete in several Southern California bodysurfing competitions, including the World Bodysurfing Championship in Oceanside.

“We have team and club members from several continents. Aside from Australia, the DMBC includes team members that travel from Brazil and France,” said DMBC Chairman Vince Askey. “We are truly an international club and enjoy greatly the cultural exchange and social interaction with our friends from around the globe. I also hope we can get more local youth involved in our club and exchange program to other countries.” DMBC meets at the Del Mar beach every weekend at 9 a.m. For more information contact