by LIZ ONUFER | photos by Soul of Photography

The Lucky Life

To label Drew Schmidt as an athlete or a musician would not quite do this young man justice. Drew’s interests and abilities show just how diverse, talented, and grounded this young man is.

An eighth grader at Santa Fe Christian, Drew’s typical school day begins and ends with a bike commute, a practice he and his family began during his six years as a student at Skyline Elementary School where Drew, his mother, and sister Revere biked or walked to school every day. “I think we’re the only family to bike to and from school,” shared Drew, “and I think we’re the only family that never drove to Skyline in the morning, even with bad weather.”


The daily commute is only part of Drew’s athletic endeavors. As a baseball player, he has played in the Solana Beach Little League for seven years and represented Solana Beach as an All-Star for the past three seasons. Drew especially enjoys playing, he explained, “because my dad has been one of the assistant coaches on each of my teams.” Year-round, Drew plays for the San Diego Mustangs Baseball Club team where he pitches and plays shortstop and first base.

“Since I always focused on sports, my mom was so excited to see me interested in an instrument.”

In the water, he has been swimming competitively with the San Dieguito Swimming Team since he was seven years old. Over the last six years he has had the opportunity to travel, representing San Diego at the Western Zone Championships. “I get to travel to places I wouldn’t otherwise visit if not for Zones,” Drew acknowledged. “We drove our RV back from Grand Junction, spending a week visiting national parks such as Arches and Zion.”


Drew also stands out on the musical stage as a tuba player for the Santa Fe Christian Eagles Band. After visiting the instrument petting zoo (an exhibit that provides a hands-on introduction to instruments) in the fifth grade, hosted by conductor Frank Glasson of the Solana Beach Band, Drew’s interest was piqued in big brass instruments. “Since I always focused on sports, my mom was so excited to see me interested in an instrument,” he shared. “I performed in the Balboa Theatre this past spring. It was like performing on Broadway in a major theater,” Drew said.

Fishing, surfing, Lego projects, and walking his four dogs are a few more activities that round out Drew’s schedule. When asked what else Drew wanted to share, he offered, “I’m lucky to be able to do all these fun things.”


Name: Drew Schmidt (13)
School: Santa Fe Christian
Grade: 8
Parents: Karen and Andy
Sibling: Sister – Revere (10)
Favorite Local Spots: Panda Express, the beach (Seaside and Cardiff), Solana Donut House, VG Donut & Bakery, CDC for baseball, San Dieguito Boys & Girls Club