Fashion Forward

Zaneta Owens, a graduate from SDSU, is blazing a trail for herself and helping to inspire other young entrepreneurs along the way. Zaneta’s brainchild, the Zaneta Owens Collection, is a designer handbag project headquartered in Del Mar. Her bags are all manufactured in California because Zaneta wanted to capture the look and feel of the state. Zaneta and her team consider their origin to be grassroots, as their work was only made possible with the help of the San Diego community.

“Zaneta’s collection has the making of a luxury brand but also has a homegrown story people love and support,” explained Chief Marketing Officer Charles Stone, a graduate of Torrey Pines High School. Charles and Zaneta originally met in college through Delta Sigma Pi, a professional coed fraternity for business majors, and both knew from the start that they wanted to be involved in business after college. “I’ve witnessed Zaneta start the brand on her own and saw a great opportunity to get involved,” said Charles. Their journey continues as they utilize their skills to establish relationships and build a successful brand.

On their impact as young entrepreneurs, Charles shared, “We believe the Zaneta Owens Collection is a testament to young entrepreneurship and drive. Zaneta started a company with just an idea – and was able to make it into a tangible reality. We think it is exciting we could inspire other young people to take on the challenge of starting their own business, whatever industry it may be.”