by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Soul of Photography

Creative Spirit

From a conversation with a local child to sharing a meal with friends, Sally Huss finds inspiration for children’s books everywhere she turns. Filled with rhymes and vibrant illustrations, her books are created to not only foster a love of reading, but also to help children as they grow and experience the world, and are available both as eBooks and in soft cover. “The most rewarding thing about publishing books is the smile it brings to a child who is reading the story. It is my belief that children need help these days to understand and practice the important things in life, the basic virtues. By learning to share, make friends, and help others, they will be well on their way to a positive and meaningful life,” related Sally.


Although she began writing long before her career as an artist, Sally spent many years focusing on creating art and opened 26 independent galleries across the country, plus one in Switzerland and another in Tokyo. “During this time, I kept putting writing off as a career, throwing stories and story ideas into a drawer under my drawing table,” said Sally with a laugh.

Name: Sally Huss
Community: Solana Beach
Profession: Author and Illustrator of children’s books
Hobbies: Playing tennis and walking
Favorite Spots in Del Sol: Lockwood Table Café, Bangkok Bay, Fish Market Restaurant

In addition to her creative abilities, Sally has a passion for the sport of tennis. She was the top junior at age 18, winning in the women’s division at both the U.S. and Wimbledon Junior Championships. “In my day, there was no money in the sport so when I graduated from USC with a degree in fine arts, I went to work. I worked in the television and film industries and then in the music industry, running Paul Simon’s music publishing company,” stated Sally. She eventually went back to the sport of tennis, touring, and reaching the top 20 in the world at age 32. “Through a type of dance work, I learned to play tennis in a relaxed and powerful way. I wrote a book about this method and taught this special ‘Zen’ type of tennis to many interesting people, such as Joel Gray, Barbra Streisand, and Larry Hagman,” revealed Sally, who also developed and ran a large tennis and health club in Aspen, CO, with her husband. When they moved to San Diego, Sally began playing senior tennis competitively. Although she has put down her competitive racket, Sally still plays tennis several times a week and is a member of the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club ladies league team.