by LINDA FRABL | photos by Soul of Photography

Putting Others First

volunteer_kinnear2Beverley Kinnear, a Del Mar resident who has been a volunteer with the Beach & Country Guild for 30 years, loves helping out with the organization, which raises money for young people with cerebral palsy. Beverley is especially active in helping put together the Guild’s largest annual fundraiser, Dia del Sol. The luncheon and fashion show donates its proceeds to the nonprofit, United Cerebral Palsy. This year’s luncheon gala will take place in October at the Grand Del Mar.

Describing her joy in being involved with the Guild, Beverley commented, “Just knowing I help so many people who have so many needs, and knowing they could not get those needs fulfilled without a lot of help, feels really good.” Some of the tasks Beverley handles include collecting items for the luncheon’s silent and live auction, gathering large donations and sponsors, checking in guests at the event, and acting as the chair for new memberships.

Name: Beverley B. Kinnear
Community: Del Mar
Volunteer Affiliation: Beach & Country Guild
Professions: An artist and retired teacher
Family: Late husband – George; six children, seven grandchildren, two great-grandchildren
Hobbies: Mahjong, tennis, watercolor painting, other art mediums
Favorite Local Spots:Friends’ homes

Group: Beach & Country Guild
Mission: The Beach & Country Guild is a hard-working group of ladies, consisting entirely of volunteers who actively plan several events to benefit United Cerebral Palsy of San Diego throughout the year.
Contact: 619-252-4366 |

volunteer_kinnear1In her earlier days as a volunteer with the Guild, when the Dia del Sol luncheon took place inside a host’s personal home, Beverley led the home tours, assisted with food preparation, and cleaned up afterwards. She recalled, “We cooked different things in the kitchen for up to 400 guests. After the event was over, we left everything as we found it for the owners.”

As a mother to six children, a grandmother to seven grandchildren, and a great-grandmother to two children, Beverley has garnered a lot of experience overseeing the needs of her large family. She revealed, “I was married to a naval aviator and we moved our family about every three years. Sometimes I had to handle tasks by myself when my husband was off fighting wars from an aircraft carrier. It was a busy life for over 40 years.”

During those years, Beverley was also a teacher and an artist. She still dabbles in watercolor painting, and also enjoys playing mahjong and tennis when time allows. Beverley especially adores being a member of the Beach & Country Guild, honing her management skills and ensuring that young children with cerebral palsy are properly attended to. She added, “My fellow co-workers and I have become such good friends, and it is fun to work together to accomplish our goals.”