by LYDIA COOBB | photos by Soul of Photography

Well-Rounded On the West Coast 

family_ward_2Brett and Felicia Ward moved to Del Mar Terrace when they were still dating. “The best part is being able to walk to the beach and lots of hiking trails,” mentioned Felicia, who was born in Lake Tahoe. She moved at age 12 to Del Mar for a year, where her dad lived. Her family then settled in Encinitas. Brett grew up in Encinitas. He’s five years older, so they didn’t attend San Dieguito High School together, but she remembered, “He was the notorious quarterback that threw great parties. We bumped into each other at the old Yogi’s in Cardiff … and the rest is history.”

Their daughters, nine-year-old Jalyn and six-year old Nyla, attend Del Mar Hills Academy. They’re into gymnastics and took skateboarding lessons this past summer. “Nyla plays soccer and is the wacky one in the family, always making us laugh. She’s a bit of a daredevil at times,” said Felicia. Jalyn likes math and music, and writes songs. She admires Taylor Swift. “Jalyn is sweet and kind, always thinking of others,” Felicia added.

family_ward_3Felicia has a finance degree from SDSU and is a controller at a land development firm. Brett attended CSU Chico and SDSU, but left his junior year to start his own business. Brett is the owner of Five Star Escrow and owns the media company that produces Real Talk San Diego, a local business radio show on ESPN 1700.

“We have a ton of family here,” said Felicia. “It’s a family bush – not a tree! We’re always having BBQs and parties, playing outside … lots of living room dance parties.” The Wards have a tradition of taking their girls out on single dates. They have encouraged their daughters’ interests in entrepreneurship, beginning with lemonade and cookie stands. “Jalyn wanted an American Girl doll, so she held sales over a summer and paid for one with the money she earned,” added Felicia. “I’ll never forget her at the register pulling out all her dollar bills – a proud parent moment.”

“We have a ton of family here. It’s a family bush – not a tree!”

Winter is coming. That means the “Penguin Plunge” for Brett and Felicia on New Year’s Day, a tradition they’ve kept for their love of the ocean. With a passion for the coast, it’s no wonder they love living in a community so close to the sea and to their hearts.

Parents: Brett and Felicia Ward
Children: Jalyn (9) and Nyla (6)
Community: Del Mar
Hometown: Encinitas
Occupations: Brett – owner of Five Star Escrow and Real Talk San Diego on ESPN 1700; Felicia – controller at land development firm
Pet: Bailey the cat
Favorite Spots in Del Sol: Del Mar Plaza, Pacifica Del Mar, Jake’s, Brigantine, Powerhouse Park, Torrey Pines , CorePower Yoga