by SHYANNE LOPEZ | photos by Jessica Breaux 

Sessions for Success

cs_psy3As its name suggests, Psychology 360 offers clients all-around insight and support from start to finish. The private practice specializes in psychological and psychoeducational evaluations, individual therapy, and forensic evaluations. Founder and owner Donica Dohrenwend, PhD, saw the need for comprehensive evaluations, especially for students. With more than fifteen years of graduate and post-graduate training and experience, she aimed to build a practice that provided expert assessments with accuracy and timeliness.

Due to her passion for helping students of all ages, Dr. Dohrenwend welcomes clients ages five through adulthood. Each assessment begins with an initial meeting at her office, where concerns and goals are discussed, and an evaluation plan is created. “First and foremost, we need to identify areas of strength and weakness, and then we can identify the most appropriate interventions to allow our client to reach his or her full potential,” explained Dr. Dohrenwend. An example of services Dr. Dohrenwend offers specifically for students include the psychoeducational evaluation, which entails assessments that assist with concerns relating to ADHD, autism, dyslexia, memory, executive functioning, IQ, and other learning or behavioral concerns. Additional services include Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs) to assist with academic accommodations for public or private schools, and evaluations to determine qualification for extended time on the ACT/SAT, graduate school exams, or state licensure exams.

“I like to bring clarity to the process and offer support during and after the evaluation or therapeutic process.”
– Donica Dohrenwend, PhD

Psychological evaluations are also offered, which explore concerns related to emotional or behavioral health such as anxiety, depression, or social concerns. These evaluations can assist with clarifying diagnosis. Depending on the client’s needs, Dr. Dohrenwend offers short-term individual therapy. “Individual therapy is goal-centric,” she related, “during sessions, cognitive and behavioral techniques are taught to help individuals manage symptoms such as anxiety, negative thoughts, low motivation and depression.”

As a testament to her knowledge and experience, Dr. Dohrenwend also provides forensic evaluations and expert testimonies that can assist in a variety of areas ranging from workers’ compensation to competency to risk assessment. These evaluations include a comprehensive clinical interview, review of records, and an assessment of emotional, cognitive, and behavioral health.


From the beginning, clients are always provided with a clear overview of the evaluation or therapeutic process, what to expect, timeline, and cost. The ultimate goal of Psychology 360 is to provide clients with a seamless, comfortable experience that helps move them in the right direction towards their goals. Dr. Dohrenwend collaborates with psychiatrists, primary care physicians, school administrators, teachers, tutors, therapists, and other relevant parties to ensure that clients are referred to the appropriate expert and receive the most beneficial treatment or services.

Dr. Dohrenwend understands the importance of clients and their involved family members understanding all available options prior to moving forward with services. “Being referred to a psychologist for an evaluation or therapy can be overwhelming,” Dr. Dohrenwend shared.
“I like to bring clarity to the process and offer support during and after the evaluation or therapeutic process. I work with each client and their involved family members to consider all relevant factors and circumstance and set realistic goals.”

If you are interested in learning more about available services, Dr. Dohrenwend encourages you to call her office for a brief phone consultation to determine if Psychology 360 can help meet your goals.



Business: Psychology 360, Inc.
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