by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photo by Soul of Photography

Girl Power

Fifteen-year-old Zoe Antonoff is a senior at Canyon Crest Academy. “My favorite school subject is art, because it’s fun to get creative once in awhile!” exclaimed Zoe, who nurtures her love for art by crafting do-it-yourself projects in her downtime. “I think they are creative and fun to do,” said Zoe. She also loves to read, play sports, and visit the nearby beach. “I love hanging out with friends there,” she shared.

student_antonoff2But Zoe’s passion seems to be for a different activity – one in which she has been active for 11 years: Girl Scouts. “I am a Girl Scout Senior in Troop 1276,” explained Zoe. “My experience in Girl Scouts has been amazing. I have learned so much, and I’m very thankful I stuck with it through middle school and high school.”

Throughout her years in Girl Scouts, Zoe has been taught many things: camping in the wilderness, gardening, teaching yoga, sewing, archery, and flying on a trapeze, to name a few. “I personally have learned to value friendship, becoming more confident in myself, business management, making a goal and pursuing it, and how to overcome my stage fright through public speaking,” added Zoe.

Girl Scouts has also introduced Zoe to volunteer work. She has sewn clothes for the homeless, worked at food banks, and knitted blankets for hospitalized children. “Volunteering was very mind-opening,” shared Zoe, who also volunteers in Camp Kesem, a program that raises money and awareness for children with parents who have cancer. “The money goes towards two free weeks of summer camp which allows those kids to have the opportunity to go have fun and relive their childhood again,” she explained.

Name: Zoe Antonoff (15)
Grade: 10
Parents: Cassie and Joe
Sibling: Joseph (13)
Favorite Spots in Del Mar: Del Mar Beach, Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, Board and Brew, and the Del Mar Racetrack

Zoe feels that one of her biggest accomplishments while in Girl Scouts has been earning the title of San Diego’s Top-Seller for three consecutive years. This means that Zoe sold over 2,000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies each year! “I had many back-to-back booth sales and walkabouts in neighborhoods every weekend, every free night with little homework, all my free time was just devoted to selling cookies,” recalled Zoe. “It took diligence, persistence, and the desire to reach my goals. When I received my award for being a top-seller, all those hours paid off.”

Another bonus to being recognized as a top-seller is having the chance to go on the Girl Scout International Destination Trip. “I am using my cookie money to fund the ‘Swiss Challenge’ destination trip,” explained Zoe, who will be traveling to Switzerland with her fellow Girl Scouts this summer.


Zoe admits that the perk of travel is great, but what she has truly loved about being a Girl Scout is learning invaluable life lessons. “There is honestly so much that one can benefit from Girl Scouts,” said Zoe. “It teaches independence, confidence, friendship, tenacity, open-mindedness, passion, resourcefulness, values, and inspiration to do big things. I believe all girls should take this wonderful opportunity to be a part of something so great.”