by KELLY GUSICH | photos by Soul of Photography

Sports and the Ocean

For sons Bryce and Brody, mom Danielle Martin stresses the importance of getting involved in their community and learning what it means to step outside themselves. “Kids these days are so lost in their iPads and cell phones,” she explained, “they are being disabled of basic social skills and their ability to actually read people.” She wants her boys to have good situational awareness and compassion. “They can’t achieve this unless we encourage them to look up from their technology and smell the roses.” Some ways the Martins achieve this by baking goods every Christmas, and putting handmade cards, socks, and blankets into care packages, which they then deliver to the homeless. This way, the boys get a good look at what is going on in their San Diego community and can be aware of reality. “I have them do these kinds of things yearly,” Danielle shared, “and every day they give thanks for all they have.”


Some of Danielle’s outlook comes from the business and foundation she runs, both called True Boundaries. The business teaches personal protection, and the charitable foundation brings awareness to assault, domestic violence, and bullying. “We educate, empower, and help people who are victims of these unfortunate things,” she shared. Danielle speaks around the country on behalf of the True Boundaries mission and gives scholarships and assistance to victims. Although the foundation was just founded this year, she sees hard work paying off and only great things ahead.

Name: Danielle Martin
Children: Bryce (13) and Brody (9)
Community: Coastal North County
Pets: Fiona – Rottweiler; Miah – Border Collie/Cattle Dog
Favorite Spots in Del Sol: Camelia Boutique, Surf Ride Boardshop, Studio 540, and L’Auberge. We love the restaurants in these areas and riding bikes to them for evening dinners.

Danielle met Bryce and Brody’s dad at a BBQ, shortly after graduating from UCLA (she played softball for the Bruins!). He became a Major League Baseball player for 15 years and currently manages the AAA program for the Chicago White Sox. He’s based out of North Carolina, which means the Martin boys have been able to travel throughout the country due to the nature of his and Danielle’s professions. Their interests have mostly revolved around sports and the ocean, through basketball, surfing, and playing on demanding travel baseball teams. They also play in the Del Mar Little League, which Danielle coaches. They love adventures. “Raising two boys is amazing, but it’s important to teach them to be gentlemen and to remind them they’re not entitled to anything,” Danielle smiled. “I teach them manners, to open doors for women, and to be little warriors in the face of fear.”