by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photos by Soul of Photography

Passion for Painting

la_walker2Deborah Walker has been an artist her whole life. So when she moved to picturesque Solana Beach over four years ago, she felt right at home. “I love living on the beach, the sunsets, the neighborhood, and the weather,” said Deborah, who is passionate about watercolor painting. “I love the creativity and freedom I feel when I paint,” she shared. “You cannot correct what you put on paper and you cannot paint over it. It is very translucent and soft. I love the final product, which is very healing.”

Recently, Deborah – who is also a wellness advocate and enjoys integrating her art with teaching mediation, wellness, and life balance – has decided to share her creative side with the public. “I never thought to share my artwork until a couple years ago when it was posted on Facebook, and it grew from there,” explained Deborah. Ever since, she has showcased her artwork in local art exhibits, events, boutiques, and markets. “I also love when my artwork inspires someone or makes them feel at peace.”

While her admiration for various artists and her frequent visits to local art galleries encourages Deborah’s creative side, she said that it’s her own life that serves as the main influence on her artwork. “What I’m going through, feeling, current experiences,” noted Deborah.

Name: Deborah Walker
Profession: Artist and spiritual coach
Community: Solana Beach
Hobbies: Watercolor, hiking, reading, cooking
Favorite Spots in Del Sol: Meditation Gardens, Chopra Center, hiking areas

In her day-to-day life, Deborah enjoys spending her time with her fiancé, Ray. “We spend a lot of time on the beach, hiking, and sharing and supporting in each other’s passions,” shared Deborah. “Raymond is an ultra-endurance cyclist and  I love teaching meditation, yoga, and exploring and showing my work in art exhibits. We also travel as much as possible!”la_walker1

Deborah’s sister, brother-in-law, three daughters, and two grandchildren are also a constant in her life. “We all live within an hour of each other and do our best to see each other as much as possible,” she explained.

As for advice she has for aspiring artists, Deborah replied, “To not give in to critics of your work, do what you love, and always be proud of what you create, as it is an expression of you. Always follow your heart, your passion, believe in yourself, and never ever give up!”