by LINDA FRABL | photos by Soul of Photography

Champion for Health

As a CPA who specializes in liability and medical malpractice for local physicians, Solana Beach resident Bob DeSimone didn’t hesitate when a physician friend asked if he’d like to be on the board for the doctor-centric foundation Champions for Health. Bob admitted, “It made sense to join a group of doctors who are doing wonderful things. It is a way for me to give back to the people who have supported me over many years.”

volunteer_deSimone2Champions for Health is a nonprofit organization that provides opportunities for medical professionals to volunteer their services for the impoverished in San Diego. As a board member, Bob chairs the Development/Marketing Committee, and his primary role is to oversee two major annual fundraising events: the Aces for Health Golf and Tennis Tournament, and the Solana Beach Sunset 5K Run/Walk.

The Aces for Health Golf and Tennis Tournament, which took place on March 27 at the Lomas Santa Fe Country Club, raised $73,000 for Project Access San Diego, the organization’s flagship program that provides specialty healthcare services to those in need. Bob elaborated, “There are roughly 650 physicians who volunteer to do flu immunizations, blood pressure tests, and screenings for breast and colorectal cancer. There are also surgery days on a Saturday, when surgeons come in and perform miracles, basically.”

Name: Bob DeSimone
Community: Solana Beach
Volunteer Affiliation: Champions for Health
Profession: CPA, The Doctors Insurance Company
Family: Wife – Sue; Children – Bobby and Gabby
Hobbies: Exercise – boxing, running, spin, lifting weights, golf
Favorite Local Spots: Beach Grass Café, T’s Restaurant, Fit Athletic Club

Group: Champions for Health
Mission: To improve community health and wellness, access to care for all, and support for physicians through engaged volunteerism.

The Solana Beach Sunset 5K Run/Walk netted $70,000 last year, and those funds went toward a diabetes prevention program called Jump Start for Health. The upcoming 5K event will take place on October 8. Bob exclaimed, “It is done at low tide, entirely on the beach. There’s food and music, and we give out medals and T-shirts.”

When he isn’t working or volunteering, Bob indulges in all that Solana Beach has to offer. He and his wife moved to the beachside community from Rancho Santa Fe six years ago, after their children became adults and left them empty-nesters. Bob revealed, “In Rancho Santa Fe we felt kind of out of the way in terms of being able to get to places. Now we’re right at the beach! My office and gym are also in Solana Beach, and within a half mile we’re walking distance from a bunch of restaurants and a lot of different activities we can do.”