by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photo by Soul of Photography

Meet the Gaylord Family

Charlie and Lynn Gaylord’s story began on a spring night in 1965, while they were both attending a college dance in Fort Lauderdale, FL. “We laughed and joked and then in keeping with the fun, he asked what I was doing with the rest of my life!” recalled Lynn. “I asked if that was a proposal. He said yes!”

Charlie and Lynn have now been married for over 50 years and have two children, four grandchildren, and a lot of adventures in between. “Our wedding was just the two of us in front of Judge Wood in the Atlanta Courthouse,” shared Lynn. “No family, no friends, no frills.” In the early part of their marriage, the couple lived in Atlanta, GA where Charlie worked on his undergraduate and graduate degrees in aerospace engineering at Georgia Tech University. “I worked on campus, attended classes when I could fit them in,” added Lynn, “and held various positions from expert stamp licker to resident manager to state campaign office coordinator for a Georgia politician.” It was during this time that the couple had their first child – their daughter, Andrea. “She was the love of our lives,” gushed Lynn.

Shortly thereafter, the Gaylords made the move to Cambridge, MA so that Charlie could pursue an MBA from Harvard University. “While there I finished my BA in political science at Wellesley College with the help of a scholarship and student loans,” said Lynn. “We lived above a garage in a tiny apartment in Newton Center so Andrea could attend the best elementary school in the area. Education was and is to this day an important value that we all share.”

For the next decade or so, the family moved around with Charlie’s job: New York, the Netherlands, Bermuda, and back to New York. “Andrea and I took every advantage of seeing the world in those days with me often home-schooling her,” said Lynn. “Oh, the places we went!”

Travel aside, Lynn managed to squeeze in time to obtain two masters degrees from Columbia University and hold several stints as a journalist covering the presidential conventions in 1972 and 1976. “(I also) was doing a series for New York public television called Women: New York Edition,” explained Lynn. “It was the height of the women’s movement and I was involved!”

Grandparents: Lynn and Charlie Gaylord
Children: Andrea Holland (married to John Holland), Charlie Gaylord III (married to Jennifer)
Grandchildren: Connor (21), Ashley (14), Weston (6), and Emilia (4)
Hometowns: Both Lynn and Charlie grew up all along the East Coast
Professions: Lynn – Reporter and teacher; Charlie – Technologist
Pets: Barley – Portuguese Water Dog
Favorite Spots in Del Sol: The beach and our wonderful restaurants

In the midst of it all, the Gaylord’s second child was born – a son, Charlie III. “That little guy changed our lives and once again our adventures took new twists and turns,” shared Lynn. “But no slowing down!” Their days were filled with Little League, soccer, and Cub Scouts. Meanwhile, Andrea had decided to attend Stanford University for college.

It appeared that California would be the next stop not only for Andrea, but for the rest of the Gaylord family as well. “Charlie decided to take a second look at an offer to relocate to Southern California and see if this little company had any potential as some investors thought. That little company was TurboTax, located in San Diego,” explained Lynn. “The rest is history.”

At first, the move to California from the East Coast was frightening for Lynn. She would miss her lifelong friends and being involved in the community and schools. And she couldn’t help but wonder how they could possibly celebrate Thanksgiving away from Plymouth Rock. “But as I soon found out, it didn’t take long to begin volunteering in my son’s new school,” said Lynn. “Lifelong friends are here now! We have adapted to so many new ideas.” Today, Lynn does a lot to volunteer for the community. She has been part of the effort to save the Del Mar Powerhouse, has initiated a music series for the Del Mar Foundation, and has helped secure a place for the Alvarado House as Del Mar’s Historical Center. “Instead of longing for Plymouth Rock, I suddenly realized that this story is the same ‘Pilgrim story,’ just the West Coast version!” exclaimed Lynn. “Yes, adaptation is key to not just survival but flourishing. Life is just one big adventure after another.”