For more than 25 years, Script in Hand has been entertaining residents in senior homes throughout San Diego County, including Rancho Bernardo, Escondido, and other North County locations. The troupe consists of 12 senior men and women actors, four of whom live in the Del Mar area. “We are very motivated to reach those who don’t have a way to get to any kind of a theater production but who love to be entertained,” said group member Bud Emerson. “We tailor our skits to short attention spans and try to emphasize humor in everyday situations, especially when it involves the challenges of aging.” The group has a repertoire of over 200 scripts, many of which are nostalgic remembrances of the 1940s, ‘50s, and ‘60s. “The payoff for us, like most performers, is when we get laughs and the light of memory recognition in the eyes of our audience members,” Bud said. Discover more at