by KELLEY GUSICH | photos submitted by The Grauer School 

Learning and Growing Together

The Grauer School Has Been Changing Education for Over 25 Years

Founded and launched out of a retail strip mall in 1991, The Grauer School was an educational solution designed by Dr. Stuart Grauer, who saw that North County students were looking for connections and meaningful relationships with caring teachers. Dr. Grauer felt students needed to be engaged in great conversations and authentic learning experiences. “As one of San Diego’s best college prep schools,” explained Dr. Grauer, “The Grauer School’s philosophy is unique but simple: to teach and encourage students to become resourceful and compassionate individuals while succeeding in a college prep environment.” The school asks its teachers not only to teach State curricula and skills but also to teach values and qualities that students, the nation, and the world will need in years to come.

“We are a vibrant, infectious example of what should be happening in education all over the world.”

The Grauer School is a leader in The Small Schools Movement with over 300 follower schools. Supporting the differentiation of intelligence and values development in all students rather than ranking by test scores, the school recognizes that learning is not about compliance – it’s about experiential activity where students and faculty can grow with one another. A top producer of college acceptances, last year’s graduates earned an average $33,272 per student in scholarship offers. Ninety-three percent of the class of 2016 were accepted to the top two colleges to which they applied. Close to 100 percent of Grauer graduates go on to a four-year college.

mpgrauer2“In addition to rich and dynamic academic rigor,” Head of Admissions Tricia Valeski confirmed, “artistic life is thriving on campus as we anticipate the continuation of an ever-changing series of photography and art exhibitions and music and theater performances, including year 11 of the GrauerPalooza Festival.” The school continues its mission of providing a diverse range of STEM options, including a highly competitive and successful robotics program. Three seasons of no-cut, fun-oriented athletic teams are still surprisingly competitive, with soccer, surfing, archery, and volleyball all going far in their divisions.

Dr. Grauer has founded schools and consulted with and evaluated many schools worldwide. He was named Encinitas Peacemaker of the Year and Local Legend, and had earned the 2014 USD Career Achievement Award. His first book Real Teachers was a finalist in the San Diego Book Awards. Grauer Open Houses are being held Nov. 5, and Jan. 5, 11, and 18. The school will also host a Discover Grauer day on Nov. 30. “The Grauer School is a school that is changing education,” affirmed Principal Dana Abplanalp-Diggs. “We are a vibrant, infectious example of what should be happening in education all over the world.”


School: The Grauer School
Head of School: Dr. Stuart Grauer, Ed.D.
Years in Position: 25+
Year of Establishment: 1991
Phone: 760-944-6777
Address: 1500 S. El Camino Real, Encinitas, CA 92024