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Urban Wolf Is Committed to Pet Health and Well-Being With Maxota Raw

mp_urbanwolf2Alisa Wechsler and Gunner Williams love dogs. In fact, their passion for their own dogs led them to create a special line of food, Maxota Raw, and open a specialty dog deli called Urban Wolf, located downtown. A few years ago, while living in Arizona, one of their dogs experienced a skin allergy. Their vet recommended a raw diet, which quickly solved the issue. However, after moving to the East Coast, they had difficulty finding a local raw pet food producer. “We began researching and making our own food, and found we needed commercial equipment to truly make a quality food, so we decided to become a business and a brand,” they recalled. “We opened a retail shop in New York called Urban Wolf where we sold our brand of raw pet food, Maxota Raw.” They later moved their shop to San Diego.

“We believe in biologically appropriate raw food for dogs, and we strive to mimic an ancestral diet for the modern Urban Wolf,” they related. “Wild dogs and wolves have been hunting and eating prey for thousands of years. Dogs have therefore developed a digestive system that functions best on raw foods.” Benefits of a raw diet can include: increased energy levels, improved skin and coat health, less susceptibility to illness, healthy weight management, and even better smelling breath! Urban Wolf currently offers six Maxota Raw Meal options, including grass-fed New Zealand venison, rabbit, grass-fed bison, and organic, free range chicken, duck, and turkey. They also offer raw snacks like grass-fed beef marrow and knuckle bones, raw organic chicken and duck wings, backs, and necks, wild Alaskan salmon oil, and organic raw goat milk frozen yogurt, as well as healthy treats. “Any pet parent who wants their fur baby to live a longer, healthier life should seek out Maxota Raw,” they said.

“Any pet parent who wants their fur baby to live a longer, healthier life should seek out Maxota Raw.”

Maxota Raw is a transparent company, which is included in Truth About Pet Food’s 2018 List of Trusted Companies ( “Our small batch, open, professional kitchen is available for consumers to see what goes in our food, where it is sourced from, and how we make it,” they said. “It is important to show our clients that we use only the best human-grade edible, local as possible, non-GMO, antibiotic-free, and often organic ingredients available, with no fillers, additives, or grains.” Producing 30-quart maximum batches also helps the company ensure the integrity of its products and allows for exceptional quality control. All Maxota Raw products are produced in their USDA-inspected kitchen with a former registered sanitarian, environmental health specialist, nutritional scientist in the top kitchen management position.

The atmosphere of the storefront is welcoming to both humans and pets alike. Alisa and Gunner are available for feeding and nutritional advice, and often give out snacks to visitors during production times. “We are a completely hands-on company, where you can see us make the food and speak with us about what your dog’s needs are,” they said. “We have a trained, knowledgeable staff and on-call veterinary references to provide as well.” Maxota Raw is available at the Urban Wolf store and online at



Name of Business: Urban Wolf and Maxota Raw
Owners: Alisa Wechsler and Gunner Williams
Years in Position: 5
Year of Establishment: 2013
Address: 475 10th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: 845-328-0364
Description of Business: Urban Wolf is the dog deli where fresh, all natural, and often organic MAXOTA RAW Meals for Dogs are made. We also have healthy treats and snacks, and use only the best quality, simple, human grade whole food, fresh ingredients, and nothing else, guaranteed!