by LINDA FRABL | photos by Soul of Photography

In the Moment

faces_barks2Vickie Barks, who has lived in Del Mar Hills since 2002, is committed to enjoying her lovely surroundings with her family. Vickie commented, “I love the slower pace and the natural beauty here, but that it’s still near Los Angeles and downtown San Diego. It’s the best of both worlds!”

Vickie recently left her position as the executive director at the nonprofit organization The League of Amazing Programmers in order to explore the next chapter of her life. While working at the League, Vickie helped grow the lone computer school into a well-regarded social enterprise with multiple campuses. Now that she is a free agent in the work world, Vickie revealed, “I am currently preparing for a Salesforce certification exam and balancing several exciting opportunities.”

“Appreciating another person’s perspective is a great way to understand the world better.”

Her next chapter will certainly include giving back to charitable causes. Vickie is active in the Del Mar Rotary Club, and she is a long-time volunteer with Feeding America. “I love volunteering in the community!” she exclaimed. Vickie will also be at the beach. Her husband and both of her sons surf, so most family weekends involve ocean waves. In fact, the surf culture so pervades her lifestyle that when her boys were little, Vickie was inspired to create her own small business making surf-themed baby clothes!


Name: Vickie Barks
Community: Del Mar
Family: My husband and sons William (20) and Logan (17)
Hobbies & Interests: Beach camping, spending time with friends, thrift shopping
Favorite Local Spots: The beach (of course!), Peet’s Coffee in Solana Beach, seeing great concerts at Belly Up

faces_barks1Now that her time commitments have eased up a bit, Vickie plans to pursue more of her own personal fun diversions and hobbies. For example, Vickie will continue to whip up her own kombucha (a fermented tea drink) and try new restaurants with her family. She will also continue listening to true crime podcasts such as In the Dark and Slow Burn. She admitted, “These podcasts overlap with my passion for dark European crime dramas. If it’s set in a fjord and has a gloomy theme song, then sign me up!”

Perhaps most importantly, Vickie will strive to be in the moment whenever she’s with others. She explained, “I love talking with people and really listening to what they are saying. Appreciating another person’s perspective is a great way to understand the world better. I always encourage my sons to ‘be present.’ Look up, look around, and give someone you don’t know a smile…especially if they are snarling!”