by SAMANTHA EDWARDS | photos by Soul of Photography

Musically Gifted

student_saphire3At just 12 years old, Edric Saphire is a star in the making. Edric is a gifted musician, and has been composing his own music for several years. “I first learned to play trombone in the Solana Beach band in fourth grade, and then my parents got me a keyboard and I started composing almost immediately,” he explained. He currently plays in the Mainly Mozart Youth Orchestra in San Diego.

Edric loves the journey music takes him on whenever he listens or plays. “You can be in a dark string forest and then be in a sweet major key pasture, or somewhere like nowhere on earth,” he said. “I am just learning piano, but I like finding new chords – new to me anyway. You can get on a piano and go exploring.”

“I’d like to bring classical music back.”


Name: Edric Saphire (12)
School: Earl Warren Middle School
Grade: 7
Parents: Andrew and Erica Ollmann Saphire
Sibling: Beck (8)

student_saphire1Edric recently won the Award of Excellence in the original music category in the PTA Reflections competition at Earl Warren Middle School for his piece called Trombone March for Heroes. “I wrote both the trombone and piano accompaniment,” Edric shared. “It’s uplifting march-type music but I had to put a minor theme in there because not everything is positive all the time. Also, I wanted the trombone part to be something I can play at my skill level.” Edric is musically inspired by composer Gustav Mahler, and his uncle Peter, who is also a musician. “We have music phone calls which I enjoy,” Edric shared.

Aside from music, Edric likes running, hiking, go-karting, playing video games, and learning about ancient history in school, though he often wishes to have “less homework and more time to compose.” He hopes to someday be a composer for anything that needs music, including movies, TV, and video games. “I’d like to bring classical music back,” Edric said. “It has been too marginalized.”