by SAMANTHA EDWARDS | photos by Sydney Noelle Photography

Passion and Drive

faces_rickard2For Del Mar local Sophie Rickard, fitness isn’t just a job – it’s a lifestyle. “[Growing up] I always loved to get up and get moving, and was enrolled in different sports throughout my life,” she said. When she stopped playing sports in college, she decided to find another way to stay active and engaged. “That’s when I started taking a serious consideration for making fitness into a career.”

Sophie will soon enter her last semester at San Diego State University, but she has already started making career moves as a lead trainer at Red Effect Infrared Fitness. “I started my training career when I was a sophomore in college and began to grow and find my passion from there,” she shared. “I studied abroad in Australia and was really able to take my experiences training clients there and apply it to my current job.” According to Sophie, the most rewarding part of being a fitness trainer is helping change others’ lives. “People who have never walked into a gym in their life have been in my classes for the first time, and have now been able to find a passion in fitness as well,” she said. “Helping people accomplish their goals, physically and mentally, is truly priceless.” Sophie feels inspired every day by the people she’s surrounded by at work, and plans to continue to grow with Red Effect as the company expands.

“Helping people accomplish their goals, physically and mentally, is truly priceless.”

Name: Sophie Rickard (21)
Community: Del Mar
Profession: Lead Trainer at Red Effect Infrared Fitness
Family: All born and raised in San Diego
Hobbies & Interests: Fitness, meeting new people, hanging out at the beach
Favorite Local Spots: Philz Coffee, Cafe Secret, Fletcher Cove, Del Mar Dog Beach, Torrey Pines hiking trails, Claire’s on Cedros, Cedros shopping

faces_rickard4Fitness has helped Sophie personally get through some difficult times in her life as well. “It can be really easy to want to stay inside and do nothing during hard times in your life. If you can just even go for a walk, sit outside somewhere for a while, or force yourself out, it will make you feel better,” she said. “Nobody is perfect, life happens, and sometimes we just have to try our best to do things that make us feel good in order to get through hard times.”

Though she has grown tremendously in recent years, Sophie doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. “I have worked really hard to get where I am, and will continue to work hard until I reach all my goals,” she exclaimed. “I feel so lucky that I was able to take what I love and turn it into my job.” In her free time, Sophie can usually be found studying for school, at the beach with her dogs, or taking classes at the gym.