Twenty-six Del Mar-Solana Beach (DMSB) Rotarians, spouses, and friends operated the Water Tent at Stand Down San Diego for the 12th year in a row, handing out over 5,700 chilled water bottles to homeless veterans, their dependents, and volunteers over the three-day event. Funding for the water was donated by the DMSB Rotary Club.


Started in 1988 by the Veterans Village of San Diego, Stand Down is an annual support and intervention event specifically for homeless veterans. Civilian volunteers and active duty military personnel help provide meals and coffee, picture IDs, clothing, showers, haircuts, sleeping tents for rest and relaxation, and stations for medical, dental, and vision assistance. Veterans are also offered help through the homeless court, counseling, chaplain services, 12-step meetings, and information about veteran benefits, employment, job counseling services, recovery providers, and shelters.

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