The Sage Garden Project, in partnership with the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation, selected Solana Vista and Skyline Elementary Schools to receive a $6,000 grant each for gardening and nutrition education and supplies for the 2019-20 school year. The schools have been supported continuously since 2013 since the foundation’s namesake, Sage, attended both schools as a child. Sage Garden Project also supports its pilot program at Ocean Knoll Elementary in Encinitas, and a total of 62 schools throughout the state.

“Sage Garden Project provides a unique curriculum, teacher training, and salary support for hands-on educational experiences that positively impact children in their most formative years,” said Sage Garden Project founder and benefactor Annie Dunne. “Kids will eat anything they grow and cook – and eating more vegetables is a proven recipe for increased health. Exposure with delight is the magic of our program!” Sage Garden Project has awarded over $600,000 this year, of which about $100,000 was underwritten by the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation. Discover more at