by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Soul of Photography

Love of Wild Places

Annie Dunne is a true Renaissance woman. She is the president of Araim Pharmaceuticals and a passionate artist, volunteer, philanthropist, and traveler. “I am happier when I am involved,” Annie said. “I feel that involvement equals fun and connection. My whole perspective changes when I am part of actions that are outside of my tiny world.”

Annie’s educational background is in design and marketing, and she has always been an artist. She started out painting in large format, but currently creates mostly collages. “I photograph the collages, print them on silk with a poem or story I’ve written, and give them to special people in my life. I’m ready to explode into more artistic creativity when I have time,” she revealed.

Name: Annie Dunne
Community: Solana Beach
Family: Husband – Anthony Cerami; Daughter – Sage Dunne
Favorite Local Spots: Walking down Cedros (there is always something fun to see), the beach at sunset when (what is left) of the cliff glows, ALCE 101, Bangkok Bay, Culture Brewing, Fidel’s

Annie is very involved in two local organizations: Sage Garden Project and Nature Collective. Annie created Sage Garden Project, named after her daughter Sage, with her best friend, Dawn Mayeda, in 2010. The goal of the project is to offer experiential learning in a garden and kitchen for local elementary school children. “When learners grow and cook food, they are excited to try just about anything. We help children embrace healthier food choices,” explained Annie. The program supports Solana Vista and Skyline Elementary Schools in Solana Beach, while the pilot program operates at Ocean Knoll Elementary in Encinitas. Sage Garden Project also now has an original curriculum that supports grade-level standards with 62 schools in California.

Nature Collective is a nonprofit organization that stewards local land and believes that if a person falls in love with nature, they will protect and preserve it. Annie’s Canyon Trail is named after Annie, an honor that both gives her great pride and humbles her. “Through financial support, the help of a host of volunteers, and a dedicated Eagle Scout, we created a special place for everyone – big, small, young, old, near, and far – to experience and connect to nature,” Annie smiled.

To make an impact on a more global level, Annie serves on the board of Nature and Culture International, an organization based in Del Mar that works with Latin American communities to protect and conserve biodiversity. “I was astonished to learn that this nonprofit is based in our own backyard and has created over 20 million acres of protected areas in South America and Mexico since 1996,” she shared. “I joined the board in 2019 and am honored to be a part of saving the most diverse, complex, and beautiful ecosystems on earth.” Even further, Annie and her husband run a foundation, The Anthony Cerami and Ann Dunne Foundation for World Health, that focuses on human health and the health of the planet and all species.

Annie is also an exuberant traveler. She has lived in Italy, where she started a cooking school, and still has a home in the Netherlands, which she and Anthony use as a base to see Europe and Africa. “Next on my list is Egypt,” she exclaimed. “They are reopening the Egyptian Museum this year and it’s supposed to be incredible!”